YAKiToMe! Voice Of The Web™

YAKiToMe! Voice of the web.™

YAKiToMe! is the world's leading text-to-speech (TTS) website with a large stable of free readers and an unrestricted usage model.

Conceived and prototyped in 2005 by our founder, Richard Gordon, YAKiToMe.com is the world's first and foremost cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) TTS provider.

YAKiToMe! Co. incorporated in 2007 with seed funding from Innovation Works, Pennsylvania's leading high-tech-venture fund. YAKiToMe.com 1.0 Beta was released soon thereafter and went viral instantly.

Voice of the web.™

YAKiToMe! provides technology and community for our users (YAKs) to learn and share by reading aloud. Our services provide:

  • the highest-quality text to speech conversion services on the internet
  • the most text to speech free readers in the most languages
  • the best user experience
  • the best software for managing audio-book publishing and sharing
  • the best customer support

Turbo-charged Reading

Text to speech (TTS) is not just for the visually impaired or dyslexic. It's a powerful tool for all learners: Visual, Auditory, Reading/writing, and Kinesthetic.

YAKiToMe! stimulates reading comprehension and retention by providing simultaneous input to Auditory and Reading/writing learners. Advanced users read even faster with the help of our voices.

YAKiToMe! promotes reading and learning!

Dyslexic, Visually Impaired, Disabled ... or Not!

YAKiToMe! helps readers with visually impairments, dyslexia, and others learning and reading disabilities. Our free usage model makes the worlds' best TTS technologies available to users of all economic demographics.

Strong readers can speed read at rates faster than they could unassisted. Combine our high-quality voice fonts reading fast with our text display to achieve the highest reading throughput with high retention and comprehension.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

YAKiToMe! helps you learn when your hands and/or eyes are occupied -- driving, exercising, doing household chores ... Learn anywhere, anytime. YAKiToMe! takes learning and entertainment mobile.

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